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Protect Your Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifts wrapped in red and white paper.

The holidays are the season of giving! Some gifts, however, can affect your insurance coverage. While a big-ticket item like a diamond bracelet may require a new policy or an appraisal (or both!), other gifts could put your entire Homeowners policy in jeopardy.

Are you giving any of these gifts to your loved ones for the holidays?

Trampolines could be excluded from your Homeowners Insurance policy, or may only be covered if you meet certain safety measures.

Dogs of certain breeds are commonly banned by some Home Insurance companies.

Engagement Rings should be protected with Jewelry Insurance.

Electronics such as a new phone, laptop or smart watch may require scheduled coverage if they exceed a per item dollar amount.

. . . and of course, a new car, motorcycle or ATV requires an auto insurance policy of its own!

Get peace of mind about your new gift by contacting one of our local St. Charles insurance brokers today. We can help you get the insurance coverage you need to protect your loved ones and answer any questions you may have.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!