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4th of July Safety

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Everything is laughs and fun until your 4th of July is interrupted by an unexpected guest: an accident that causes you to file an insurance claim. Luckily, we have tips for you to keep this unexpected guest from crashing your 4th of July party.
Fire is one of the main causes to file insurance claims, especially on Independence Day; because what’s a 4th of July celebration without fireworks and barbecue?!

According to the NFPA’s Firework, almost half (47%) of the reported fires on the Fourth of July were started by fireworks, while sparklers accounted for more than a quarter (25%) of emergency room firework injuries. Yes! As inoffensive as they may look, they can cause a third-degree burn on your 5-year old. In fact, almost a tenth (9%) of the victims are under 5. However, teenagers don’t get any luckier as more than one third (35%) of people hurt by fireworks are under 15.

Cooking is also a leading cause for home fires, especially during holidays and Independence Day is no exception.  The NFPA’s report showed that cooking equipment was the leading cause of home fire injuries and the second leading cause of home fire deaths as almost half of the fires start in the kitchen. Although most people have a cold beer while barbecuing, the NFPA does not think it’s a good combination and even though family and friends come over to visit, it is important to stay in the kitchen when cooking. In fact, the leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking.
Having the right liability coverage on your home owner’s insurance will protect your interests in the event of accidentally shooting fireworks into your neighbor’s home. Keep in mind that if you damage a property with illegal fireworks, your policy won’t cover it. If they’re illegal in your state there’s a good reason why.

Even better, get an umbrella policy that will cover you even after you’ve reached the limits of your standard policy. It may also protect you in areas not covered on your other policies.

Every homeowner’s insurance is different, which is why it is important to go over your current policy with your insurance agent to make sure you remain safe for the 4th of July.